Ribfest Brings in World’s Largest Cocktail Shaker

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Largest Cocktail Shaker

Ribfest is shaking things up this year in a big way.

Meet the monkey mixer.

“It actually holds 2400 gallons of our mixed up monkey. It’s a mixture of mint simple syrup, our monkey shoulder, club soda, and lemon juice,” said tour manager Jeff Shafer.

The 27-foot long, 13-foot tall cocktail shaker is the ultimate souped-up cement truck. It’s not just decked out with a super-shaker, but super sounds as well.

“And we travel the country, we’ve got a 2,000 watt speaker system on there and we bring the party to you,” said Shafer.

Bringing it to Ribfest

This week that party’s in Knoch Park, as they serve up cocktails featuring their monkey shoulder malt whisky from Scotland. The mixer can hold up to 123,000 bottles of it.

Those stopping by can try the super-sized mix, a crafted cocktail or the pure product.

“I got the monkey shoulder whiskey along with some ginger beer. Last time I had ginger beer I was in Jamaica, it’s very good I remember it,” said attendee Rick Pearson.

“I was really happy to get over here and taste the product. They encouraged it to be a mix drink, but I wanted to taste the spirit as it was and it was actually very smooth,” said attendee Mark Kovacs.

And once you’ve given it a shot , you’ll probably want to take a shot in front of this ready made photo-op.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.