Riverwalk Commission’s AMP Walk

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Once a year during Springtime, the Riverwalk Commission goes on an AMP Walk – AMP standing for Asset Management Plan.

“We take a walk with the Riverwalk Commission to show them as many of the past projects, current projects, and future projects that are in store for the Riverwalk,” said Chuck Papanos, park operations manager for the Naperville Park District.

Some of those future projects include Jayceees Park, likely to open next spring, and Harmony Park, which if approved by the Naperville Park District and Naperville City Council should be open by September.

Another project the commission would like to see added is a staircase and handicap ramp near the red Landforms sculpture.

They also took a look at Riverwalk assets that are in fair or poor condition that may be in need of repair – Moser Tower being one example.

Another asset they’re looking to freshen up this year is the Labyrinth, which will be power washed and sealed to bring out the colors.

A full report on the new tests performed on Moser Tower will be coming this summer.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.