Safe DuPage Highlights Help During Pandemic

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With COVID-19 exacerbating health, economic, and social issues in our community, Kevin Coyne and Safe DuPage wanted to make sure people knew there are resources and organizations available to help.

“I can’t imagine there is a city anywhere that has a stronger and deeper array and bench of not-for-profit organizations,” said Coyne, who is also a Naperville City Councilman. “We have a number of them in town that are very strong, very well-established and have very, very strong boards.”

Safe DuPage Panel Discussion

Safe DuPage hosted a virtual panel discussion on Tuesday to get the word out about what elected officials and nonprofits are doing.

Judges Ann Celine-Walsh and Jim McCluskey and State Representative Grant Wehrli were joined on the panel by the Islamic Center of Naperville’s Shoaib Khadri.

ICN Helping Out

“One of the projects that we have done now with this crisis going on is we offer a slew of services for the entire community, not just to the Muslim community but open to everybody in the larger community,” said Khadri, former president of the ICN.

Those services include medical support, like the free clinic ICN has offered for years, grocery pickup for seniors, and making masks to donate to healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

Future Meetings

Coyne said Safe DuPage plans to highlight more nonprofits at future COVID-related panel discussions.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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