Safer Naper Highlights Firearm Safety Programs

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This month the Naperville Police Department is highlighting two of their firearm safety programs.

Project ChildSafe

According to Pew research, four in 10 adults say they live in a household with a firearm.

That’s why the NPD has made a new partnership this year.

“The Naperville Police Department in partnership with Project ChildSafe will begin distributing free firearm safety kits available at the front desk of the police department,” said NPD Crime Prevention Specialist Julie Smith.

Each kit includes a cable style gun lock, instructions, and additional resource material. Once the lock is installed, the weapon cannot be used.

Firearm Take Back Program

The other way the NPD is trying to reduce risk of misuse, potential theft, and accidental discharge is through their Firearm Take Back program.

“If you no longer use your firearm or you don’t want it in your home anymore you can call the Naperville Police Department’s non-emergency number, arrange for a time to bring that firearm in or arrange for a private pick up,” said Smith.

If you do bring in your firearm, it needs to be unloaded and left in the vehicle where officers will retrieve it.

And for those who have a gun illegally, if you follow the protocol of the program then you can turn it in without being criminally charged.

The Take Back program has some strict guidelines, so it’s key to call the NPD so they can help guide you through the steps.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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