Safer Naper Identity Theft Seminar

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As tax season begins the Naperville Police Department is reinforcing how you can prevent identity theft.

The NPD held the first of two presentations this month on the February Safer Naper topic focusing on educating the community about what identity theft is, what to do if you’re a victim, and how to prevent it.

Some top tips from the presentation – refrain from putting your social security number on documents if not necessary, don’t open unknown emails or website links, and don’t give unknown callers any personal information.

“I thought I would come and get more information,” said seminar attendee Barbara Weller. “It sounds like the problem is getting bigger, especially when he said that LifeLock wasn’t foolproof either.”

Police officials say that if you think you may have become a victim, you can call the police and file a report.

The next identity theft seminar will be held at the 95th Street Library on February 21 starting at 1 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.