Safety Tips for Grilling Season

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Grilling Season

The summer months are here and with people spending more time at home, you might find yourself manning the grill.

The Naperville Fire Department is sharing some safety tips for grilling season.

For propane grills, you’ll want to check the propane tank and the hoses leading to the connections for gas leaks.

“When you turn the grill on via the valve, if you don’t smell it that’s usually a good sign that there’s no leaks,” said Naperville Fire Department Bureau Chief, Philip Giannattasio. “And then if you’re concerned about the hoses or the fittings you can use a soapy water mixture to spray that on and generally that’ll give you some bubbles that will emit should there be any kind of leaks.”

Be sure the hot ash and charcoal used for your charcoal grills are completely cooled down before throwing them away to avoid a fire.

Most Important Tip

The most important tip is to keep your grills clean and avoid leaving them unattended, otherwise drippings of hot grease may start a fire.

“We’ve responded to plenty of those over the years where it’s fed through the mulch, into the vinyl siding, or underneath the deck and it goes unseen because it’s under the deck and you just think it’s smoke from the grill and by the time you realize, it’s now hit your house,” said Giannattasio.

Setting up the grill at least 10 feet away from your home, avoiding wooden railings, mulch, and dry grass will also keep you safe.

For additional tips on safe grilling visit Keeping You Safe – Grilling.

Naperville New 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.