Safety Town Teaches How to be a Safe Sitter

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Now that summer is here, there are lots of teens looking to make some money in the baby sitting business, and Naperville Safety Town is once again offering some guidance.

The Safe Sitter class is being offered to teach young babysitters about proper childcare.

“By attending the 6-hour Safe Sitter class you’re going to learn how to be a successful babysitter that will be ready to be responsible for another child’s life and be able to run a successful business as well,” explained Safety Town Program Director Sydney Zuhn.

The class is divided into two three-hour sections for 11 to 13 year-olds, covering safety for the sitter, first aid, behavior management, and business and life skills.

“And there’s also this year we’re offering a CPR component section,” said Zuhn. “Naperville Fire Department is partnering with us for teaching that and we’re really excited to add that on because we know that there’s a demand for that and it’s an important skill that they learn.”

Each class is $60 and the additional CPR certification is $25.

The next Safe Sitter classes will be held July 10 and 11, and July 23 and 24, but Safety Town is looking to add more classes if there’s more interest.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.