Safety Town’s Open Bike Nights return for the summer

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Safety Town has started open bike nights, held most Wednesday nights throughout the summer.

Safety Town starts series Open Bike Night

“Kids can come out from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and either ride their own bikes or ride our bikes. Our bikes are brand new this summer, so kids are coming and trying those out,” said Safety Town Program Director Jennifer Weter.

Kids get to test drive road skills in a miniature-sized town.

“It’s just super important to learn the rules of the road and the safety and being able to do that in a controlled environment before they go out on the sidewalks or in their subdivisions or driving cars on the streets, you know, just making sure they understand those and learning it at a young age is exciting,” said Weter.

Open Bike Nights insure rider safety

The nights are an extra component of the lessons many of these kids are already learning through Safety Town’s summer class series.

“Our main program is our summer program throughout the week, and we just started that this week as well, too, and a few hours a day, five days a week for kids going into kindergarten or first grade, to teach them basically almost any kind of safety they can that you can imagine. Open bike nights, give them an opportunity to kind of practice some of those things and allow kids of all ages to come out and ride their bikes in a controlled environment while practicing, you know, staying on the right side of the road, stopping at stop signs, traffic signals, kind of those things,” said Weter.

“We do have some spots still open this summer. We have opportunities to volunteer. So if you’re not a kindergarten or first-grade student, if you’re seventh grade through 12th grade, we have volunteer opportunities during the day,” said Weter.

More information about both the open bike nights and safety classes can be found on the Safety Town website.

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