Second 2020 City Budget Workshop

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Naperville city staff recently wrapped up a presentation of the 2020 city budget.

Second Budget Workshop

After going over Naperville’s economic development and city service levels at the first budget meeting of the year, staff presented on public safety and financial stability.

The police department proposed adding four full-time officers to create a four-person strategic patrol unit. That team would focus on mental health calls, drug abuse, and FOID card compliance issues.

“This team would also be able to respond to hotspot issues or crimes that pop up and trend for a specific period of time so we can proactively address the issue before they turn into a long-term trend,” said Deputy City Manager Marcie Schatz.

Naperville Public Library and Naper Settlement

Council also heard presentations from the Naperville Public Library and Naper Settlement, which discussed the many new events coming to the museum.

“We have some exciting events coming for next year, as you know,” said settlement President and CEO Rena Tamayo-Calabrese. “We have Naperville Pride that will be coming to us. In a few weeks we’ll start Yuletide. Certainly another of the events we have coming next year is Soulfest and Naperville Salutes, which is coming around the Fourth of July.”

City staff also said Naperville has the lowest household cost of living among comparable communities based on taxes and fees.

City council will vote on the final 2020 city budget on December 3.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.