Send Letters to Santa from Downtown Naperville

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With holiday season in full swing, it’s time to get those Christmas lists to Santa.

And one way to reach Saint Nick every year is the letters to Santa mailbox in Downtown Naperville.

It’s conveniently located at the corner of Main Street and Van Buren Avenue so you can easily drop letters off while shopping downtown.

“We encourage parents and kids to drop off their children’s wish list to Santa, make sure you include your return address, and Santa’s elves individually address and mail special postcards back to the children and lets them know that he’s listening,” said Katie Wood, executive director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance.

No postage is needed for these letters, but you need to drop them off by December 20 so Santa has time to respond before Christmas.

And you can see jolly old Saint Nick himself at Santa House on the Riverwalk until December 23.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.