Severe Weather Preparedness in DuPage

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As spring progresses, the threat of severe weather increases.

That’s why the DuPage County Office of Emergency Management suggests being prepared before disaster strikes by having a plan in place.

“Make sure everybody knows, even your kids, that if severe weather comes in, you hear the sirens go off, you see it on TV, you see it on your cell phone, that you take shelter number one,” said Chairman of the Judicial/Public Safety Committee, Grant Eckhoff. “That if you’re separated and you’re not at home and something happens in the community you know where to go.”

As threatening weather forms, take shelter in your basement or an interior bathroom or other room without windows on the lowest floor in your home.

And as flooding could occur on several roads in town, it’s important to not drive through the standing water.

“Even though maybe in your day to day travels that little dip in the road doesn’t seem so big, it can fill up with a couple of feet of water – it kills your engine in your car, you’re stranded. And in the rare event we have a flash flood you could be swept down,” said Eckhoff.

And if a warning is issued, time is of the essence when it comes to taking cover.

Experts also suggest having an emergency kit with food, water, extra clothes and other essentials.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.