Sheriff Cracking Down On Expired FOID Cards

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The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office is stepping up their efforts to retrieve revoked Firearm Owner’s Identification, or FOID cards, in light of the recent shooting tragedy in Aurora.

To legally possess a firearm, an Illinois residents must have a FOID card. But that right can be revoked if, for example, a gun owner is convicted of a felony.

It was recently learned that Gary Martin, the gunman in the Aurora shooting tragedy, had his FOID card revoked due to a domestic violence incident. However, there was no record of it being retrieved.

DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick says now, a social worker will be assigned to immediately contact an individual whose FOID card has been revoked, asking for its return, along with any guns they may have.

If there’s no response, deputies will be sent to their residence after the 48-hour window to return the card has elapsed.

Violators who refuse to turn in their FOID cards in that window could also face arrest.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.