Shift: Subscribing to Cars in Naperville

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To buy, or to lease – that is the question most car shoppers are asking these days.

But a third option is now available in Naperville: subscribe.

Bill Jacobs Auto Group has launched Shift – a luxury car subscription service.

“So the automotive industry is starting to get its feet wet in the subscription service. So us as a family owned dealership really wanted to be at that forefront and be a pioneer in launching that service,” said Leigh Martino, operations manager for Shift by Bill Jacobs.

A $500 activation fee and a $1,500 monthly payment gets you into the program.

“Included in that monthly $1,500 is actually maintenance, insurance, and your own personal concierge too,” said Martino. “So that really gives members the flexibility to fit their lifestyle and have a vehicle that fits every need they have.”

A subscription to shift isn’t just a subscription to one car. You can flip up to three times per month. So you can go from something fast and fun, like a BMW M2, to something bigger like a GMC Denali when you’re going out of town for the weekend.

You request flips through the Shift app. Give some information about what you’re looking for – whether that’s rear-wheel drive, space for seven, or a truck bed – and your concierge will bring you something that fits the bill.

“A needs assessment is done based on what the customer tells us they’re looking for. Maybe one day they really need a truck, they’re doing some home improvements, bringing home a large object, that would fit their needs the best,” explained Nicholas Cortellini, concierge for Shift by Bill Jacobs.

While independent companies and car manufacturers are slowly rolling out car subscription services around the country alike, Shift by Bill Jacobs is one of only two you can get in Naperville.

The other is Care by Volvo – a 24 month subscription program that gets you either an XC40 or an S60 for prices ranging from $650-$850 a month.

Two new approaches to the shifting auto industry.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.