Shop Smart for November’s Safer Naper

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The holiday season is already upon us, so this month the Naperville Police Department has dedicated Safer Naper to shopping smart.

“One thing to always keep in mind when you’re out shopping is to practice situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings and be aware of what’s around you so you’re able to make good decisions,” explained NPD Crime Prevention Specialist Julie Smith.

The NPD suggests carrying only the necessary amount of cash and cards when you’re out shopping. And don’t carry your social security card with you either.

“Also when you’re shopping you want to make sure you don’t have any valuables or packages in plain view in your vehicle. So you want to put those away,” said Smith.

But if you’re opting to shop online, there are still lots of ways to stay smart about it.

“When you’re shopping online make sure that you’re going to a trusted website,” she said. “When you’re checking out, make sure you look for that lock icon. That means that you’re on a trusted, secure site.”

The NPD also recommends using credit cards as opposed to debit cards for online shopping, as credit cards provide additional security layers.

After you’ve made your online orders, make sure you know when they will arrive.

“So if you can’t receive your package maybe perhaps have a neighbor check your doorstep and bring that package in for you so no one takes it from you,” added Smith.

Another tip: always check your monthly credit card statements and keep an eye out for suspicious or fraudulent charges.

Throughout the month of November the NPD and Naperville Crime Stoppers will be at local grocery stores on the weekends to hand out information with these safe shopping tips and more.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.