Sights and Sounds of Yesterday Afternoon’s Peaceful Protest

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On June 1, 2020 a peaceful protest was organized at the corner of Washington Street and Chicago Avenue. The event was attended by Mayor Steve Chirico, Councilman Benny White, City Manager Doug Krieger, and other city and community leaders.

Naperville police officers were on hand to block off streets as the protesters began to march through Downtown Naperville to the Municipal Center. There, community leaders like Regina Brent of Unity Partnership were able to address the crowd. The protest march continued onto Aurora Avenue to the Naperville Police Department where several police officers were stationed.

The protesters chanted asking the officers to kneel with them in a show of solidarity. Two officers were captured on camera kneeling, including Naperville Park District Police Officer Michael Maher. He said listening to the young group “struck a nerve” and he felt extreme empathy for them.

The protesters then marched back downtown before culminating at the Naperville Post Office.

This was a peaceful protest and separate from the protest that occurred later that evening. You can watch a full, unedited version of NCTV17’s live stream here:

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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