Silver the Pug: The Concert Canine

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Every Thursday summer night the Naperville Municipal Band brings music to Central Park.

Top Crowd Canine

And in the audience, front row regular Silver the pug is wagging her tail along to the music.

“When she hears certain instruments playing she’ll cock her head and make reactions to the music. So it’s funny to watch that,” said John Zabinski, one of Silver’s owners.

The three-year old pug joins her owners John and MaryBeth Zabinski every week, enjoying time relaxing, eating treats, and taking a doggy drink break.

Well-Known Woof

And while other regulars have gotten to know Silver, the band likes to spot her from the stage too.

“I think everybody in the band knows who she is,” added MaryBeth.
“They all look out here and see her sitting in the front row. And she’s usually pretty good, she usually doesn’t bark or anything. She’s quiet.”

A “dog-gon” fun time to enjoy a concert with your canine.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.