Singing Valentines Serenade in Naperville

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A Valentine’s Gift

One lucky lady was in for a surprise this Valentine’s Day when the Upside Downers quartet of the Chorus of DuPage showed up at her workplace to deliver a Singing Valentine as a gift from her husband.

The group has been serenading people on Valentine’s Day since 2009, and it’s that interaction that they love the most.

“When you’re finished they say ‘wow, you really made my day.’ Even the random people that you run into, just coming into the store today with all the people just stopping, and making their day better,” said members of the quartet.

Love-Filled Stops

The Naperville Target is one of 14 stops for the quartet today. They’ll be presenting a love-filled surprise to people all over DuPage County.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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