Sitcom Showdown for Game On! Episode Nine

November 8, 2019
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Eight players, two teams, one host, and a live studio audience – it all adds up to NCTV17’s game show – Game On! And it takes place at Center Stage Theater.

Team Late Night took on Team Prime Time in episode nine’s sitcom showdown.

Golden Girls

Team Late Night’s Golden Girls had captain Jacque Clermont from Naperville School District 203, who was joined by T2 Asset Management’s Paul Novak, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Kaylin Risvold, and Bernicky Law Firm’s James Bernicky.

“I would completely do it again,” said Clermont. “If you asked me before the game show today I don’t know, but it was so much fun doing it.”

The Simpsons

They took on Team Prime Time’s Simpson family, who was captained by Amanda Kunzer from Edgewood Clinical Services. On her couch was Keith Hartenberger from Edward-Elmhurst Health, Mari Rodriguez from DynaCom, and Colton Antos from CodeVerse.

“So I was really feeling comfortable with this theme,” said Kunzer. “I have to tell you that was the perfect show for me to be on because of the TV and because I have insomnia so I watch a lot of ‘Nick at Nite’ so it worked out.”

Bringing the Energy

They all battled head-to-head in sitcom-themed challenges, hosted by 95.9 The River’s Danielle Tufano.

“Such high energy, such enthusiasm, and they worked so great together,” added Tufano. “I have to say that this episode, maybe more so than any other episode, the teams really got together, they were practicing, they were studying, so it was kind of cool to see that all come together.”


To find out who won, stay tuned to NCTV17 on Monday, November 11 when the full show premieres, then the episode will air for the rest of the month on our channel at 7 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.