Ski Flash: Special Olympics Silver Medalist

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Ski Flash is the nickname for Special Olympics Silver Medalist, Lane Cudmore and she’s the profile of this week’s Sports Story Sunday.

So why does 27 year old Lane Cudmore like to ski?

Lane Cudmore: Speed… and because this man (picks up Flash action figure)

With her Flash action figure in hand, Lane gets herself ready for our interview… she is a star, after all. A silver medalist. Topping nearly all of the competition in the slalom at the Special Olympics. So is she a fan of the fastest super hero of them all?

Lane Cudmore: Yes… and also, Ski Flash… and this one (holds up helmet and ski suit.)

She relates with the Flash so much, she takes on that persona on the ski hill. And her speedy origins are rooted in her family.

Keith Cudmore: It was really easy because she had two sisters who were role models… and she wanted to do it.

The Cudmore’s are skiers… just like Keith’s family was growing up. So there was little doubt Lane would follow suit (that is, of course, in her bright red suit).

And when she triumphed, bowing her head to accept the silver medal… her family was proud of their super-hero member.

Ketih Cudmore: Very proud. Seeing her ski on the snow I knew she did really well, she did what was right for her. We didn’t know how she placed until awards were ready so it was surprising to see that she beat those other three guys that beat her the year before.

Part of Lane’s success is due to her time spent inside the Kroehler YMCA. With her personal trainer, Becky Melsa, having a direct hand in getting her ready for Ski Flash adventures.

Becky Melsa: We would get her ready for her big races and that was kind of our whole relationship. And that relationship with Lane has become a lot stronger and more of a friendship than a personal trainer to member relationship.

For the Cudmore’s, the relationship with the YMCA has been a positive experience, allowing Lane to grow and achieve her goals in a nurturing environment.

Keith Cudmore: We’ve been participating in special needs athlete training here for probably 8 years. And interacting with them – Becky has been here five or six of those years. It’s just a great, wholesome place to be connected in Naperville.

Beck Melsa: We’ll do a cross-fit workout. We like activity balls and we use free weights. So we keep her legs moving and heart strong and talk about how excited we are for race day. Getting her legs ready and nice and strong to help her get all the way down the hill.

And not only has Lane found success on the slopes, she’s also becoming independent… with no need for a robin to her batman.

Becky Melsa: She gets here to the Y and back by herself. And she’s very independent. And she does a lot of other activities too. She has a very busy schedule.

Skiing.. and skiing fast appear to be the favorite tasks on Lane’s schedule. And it’s no surprise… not for the Cudmores.

Keith Cudmore: Skiiing is a good glue that sticks us together.

Super Glue… for a super hero skier.

Reporting for Sports Story Sunday, I’m Kevin Jackman