Small Protest in Downtown Naperville

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Small Protest in Downtown Naperville

A small, peaceful protest was held today in Downtown Naperville. The group of around 30 gathered at the corner of Jefferson and Main Street in response to a recent video posted online.

Two individuals were walking in the area when another shouted a racial slur at them.

This spurred the organizer to take to the streets in the hopes of sparking change.

“What I want from the City of Naperville is to listen to the marginalized group and to take the initiative to learn how to be allies to their own neighbors,” said organizer Anneliese Jackson. “I have three goals today: one, recognize, adjust, and fix the image issue. Start investing and supporting black and minority-owned businesses in the area. Two, a mural honoring Sandra Bland, and number three I want more training for every single police officer in Naperville.”

The Protestors

“These are my streets and this is my town,” said Naperville resident, Joseph. “I feel like I really need to make this a better place for my brothers and everybody else that lives out there. I’ve got a 9-year-old little brother at home and I want to make sure this is a place that’s safe for him to grow up and make sure he’s ok being here.”

“The protests themselves are keeping alive the thought and the conviction that black lives do matter and that we all need to step up and understand it and do something about it,” said Wheaton resident, Kyle Roggenbuck.

Naperville Police Investigate

Naperville police said they opened an investigation and spoke to the individual who posted the video. They declined to pursue the matter further.

According to the NPD, a minor yelled the slur. Officers met up with him and his parents, who are not Naperville residents.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.