SoapBox Breaks Guinness World Record, Tours with 21-Foot Bottle

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SoapBox is traveling the country after breaking the Guinness Book of World Record for most hygiene products donated in one week. They’re doing so with a 21-foot soap dispense to raise awareness.

Something is standing out on this otherwise ordinary day in the city of Chicago… something…. Big.

David Simnick: We’re a small brand compared to Unilever or P&G or L’Oreal and when you’re a challenger brand like us you have to do big things – literally big things – to stand out.

David Simnick is a Naperville native and the cofounder of SoapBox, a hygiene company dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality products to consumers. SoapBox also pledges to donate a bar of soap for every product sold.

David Simnick: SoapBox actually won the Guinness Book of World Records for the most amounts of hygiene products donated within a week. We’re super excited about this but its not about winning awards, it’s about the mission and what we do.

And with the award in hand, SoapBox is hitting the road, having constructed a 21-foot soap dispenser to travel in tow.

David Simnick: Look, masks are going away but please, please, please keep washing your hands. And there are far too many Americans that don’t have access to proper hygiene. And that’s why organizations like SoapBox and ComfortCases exist – is because every time you buy one of our products at Walgreens or one of our other retailers, we donate a bar of soap to someone in need.

ComfortCases is a non-profit providing children entering foster care with a new pair of pajamas, a stuffed animal, a toothbrush, soap, and other personal care items. The founder, Rob Scheer, has partnered with Simnick on the tour.

Rob Scheer: I have this t-shirt that I wear that I absolutely love and it says ‘be a good human’… that is David. That is the definition, when you see his name that’s exactly what you hear. The one thing about SoapBox and David, it’s different – he truly does care. He truly does what he says he’s going to do.

That’s why SoapBox instituted the Hope Code, giving customers the ability to track their donated bar of soap to the community it impacted. So far, 22 million bars have been donated, and it all started in Naperville.

David Simnick: SoapBox wouldn’t exist without Naperville. My cofounder and I went to Naperville North high school; we were both apart of Boy Scouts – go troop 81. I also had the privilege and honor of interning at Naperville Community Television. It was a wonderful experience. Naperville is one those beautiful communities that allows children to grow up in an environment that they can dream big, that have access to resources that are wonderful and plentiful.

And now Simnick and SoapBox are taking to the road, with their big bottle of soap… impacting communities in a way that can be describes as anything but ordinary.

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman