Social Emotional Learning Parent Night

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Some District 203 parents got to be at the DuPage Children’s Museum after hours to learn about the power of play.

From boat making to bridge building, these hands-on activities weren’t all they appeared to be at the district’s inaugural Social Emotional Learning Parent Education Night.

Why SEL?

“When we thought about ‘what’s the most important skill we need for kids when they enter kindergarten?’ It really was about social emotional learning. So that’s really why we built this night. Because it’s so important for kids and sometimes I think it gets lost. And we really wanted to have the opportunity to highlight it,” explained Dr. Christine Igoe, 203’s assistant superintendent for student services.

The event was for parents of kids about to enter kindergarten.

What They Did

After grouping up, they went through different hands-on activities that demonstrated how the district helps develop SEL skills, and how parents can continue those lessons at home.

The Naperville Education Foundation sponsored the parent night.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.