Southwest Community Park Pavilion Named

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Southwest Community Park was one of the biggest projects for the park district board in 2018. And it came up again at the board’s most recent meeting – particularly its name.

“Resident Ginny Wolf Chivas provided a history of the area slated to be developed into Southwest Community Park which was settled and farmed by her great-great-grandfather Amos Wolf in the 1840s,” said Park District Board Vice President Rich Janor. “She would like the district to consider renaming the park Wolf’s Crossing Community Park in honor of the family. After some discussion the committee was generally supportive of this direction.”

While the name of the park will be officially discussed on a future agenda, the board voted unanimously to name the pavilion proposed for the park ‘Wolf’s Crossing Pavilion.’

The next park district meeting will be January 31.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.