Special Survivor Games For Everyone

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More than 100 people came out to Peterson Elementary School for the Special Survivor Games Friday afternoon.

Now in their seventh year, the games serve as a way to involve multi-needs children in team-based races designed to be inclusive and fun.

“I just hope to accomplish friendships between everybody,” said Marissa Kucharski, founder of the Special Survival Games. “It doesn’t matter who you are or anything. You can be friends with anybody and this just shows you can have fun with everybody too.”

“I think it’s good because you see the kids – they get to participate in events like how other kids do, their peers do, that they don’t normally get the opportunity to do,” said Matt Latourette, who’s two sons participated in this years games. “And they get chances to wait in line and take their turn and see the other kids and have other people cheer them on.”

The coordinators kept a one-to-one ratio of participants, peer buddies, and teachers at this year’s event to encourage teamwork and support.

And for many, the beauty of the Special Survivor Games is in their simplicity.

“It’s unbelievably heartwarming to me to see how much fun everyone can have putting an egg in a bucket or an egg on a spoon,” said Kristen Kucharski, the games’ organizer. “Because it just shows that no matter what age you are no matter what ability you are that old-fashioned games are just fun.”

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.