Spirits at Summer Festivals

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The Last Fling is looking to add alcoholic drinks to its menu.

Fling officials presented to the Liquor Commission asking permission to serve drinks like vodka-lemonade or rum-and-coke at their event.

“It’s not a full bar,” said Fling Director Tyler Peterson. “Nor is it shots. When we say spirits, it’s going to be a mixed beverage.”

Increased Profits

The drinks would be pre-mixed to have roughly the same alcoholic content per serving as a beer, but would cost slightly more.

The Naperville Jaycees, who put on the event, hope the drinks would provide better profit margins, as well as the opportunity to solicit sponsors for each type of spirit they serve.

“We’re asking for this because it does provide a lot more than just spirits,” said John Barry, CEO of StarEvents, which helps organize The Last Fling. “I think it’s worth that conversation somewhat to understand that there is no more incident reports, police calls or hospitalizations when we’ve experienced this. And it does generate more revenue that you can get up front. So if it does rain, and I know the Fling has experienced quite a few days of rain in the past, this will help mitigate that a little bit.”

The commission wanted more time to discuss the idea, however, and tabled a vote on the item until its next meeting on May 9.

Ribfest Also Adding Spirits

The Exchange Club of Naperville also requested the opportunity to serve samples of spirits at Ribfest.

The three samples would not be sold, but would be available for free to attendees of legal drinking age.

The commission voted unanimously in favor of the idea.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.