Split Decision for Main Street Promenade Phase III

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After sitting vacant for 11 years, the .83-acre lot on the corner of Main Street and Benton Avenue could be a bit closer to being filled.

What Was Proposed

Owner Retail Properties of America recently brought their plans to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a five-story, 14,200 square foot mixed-use building.

It would include a first floor for retail and four floors with 72 luxury apartment units.

“Currently the plan shows 32 one-bedroom units, 36 two-bedroom units, four three-bedroom units, for an average unit size of about 1,073 square feet,” explained Scott Miller, the vice president of development for RPAI.

A fitness area, swimming pool, courtyard, and an internal deck would be included amenities.

What Has Neighbors Worried

However, neighbors from the Benton Terrace Condos discussed their concerns with the size and density of the 59-foot-tall development, as well as its setback from their building.

“I don’t understand why when the code says 2.5 we would accept 3.1 in Naperville,” said Benton Terrace resident Greg Lernihan. “That’s a 24% increase in density. It makes absolutely no sense to me. We’d be 20 feet away from a building where we were 80 feet away [before].”

Some also voiced concerns with the petitioner’s request for a parking deviation to allow 120 spots and eight guest spaces, which is less than the required city ordinance of 144 spots and 18 guest spaces for its size.

Compliant with 2030 Plan

City staff recommended approving the proposal, seeing it is consistent with downtown’s 2030 plan.

But the commission made a split 4-4 vote, giving no recommendation on the development as it heads to city council.

RPAI also developed the original Main Street Promenade in the mid- 2000s and its Phase II in 2012.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.