Cathedral of Grace St. John AME Church Dreamers Wax Museum

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Dreamers Wax Museum

The younger members of the congregation Cathedral of Grace – St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church used their creative expression at their Dreamers Wax Museum.

“We give them the opportunity to embody an icon in African American history and culture. A person who has made significant achievements in their life and in the work that they’ve done,” said one of the ministers of the church, Justin West.

For about three months, the kids and their families research an icon and make a board to represent them to gear up for their presentations.

“Hi, my name is Ruby. I was the first African American child to attend a white school. My walk to school that day changed the world,” presented Riley Carter who portrayed Ruby Bridges.

Learning Something New

The Dreamers Wax Museum, sponsored by The Agape Connection, Inc., has been put on by the church for 16 years. Some of their older participants have portrayed an icon since they were kids and learn something new each year.

“She wasn’t just the slave runner who helped slaves escape. She also led soldiers during the civil war which was a really interesting fact we found out,” said Teja Davis who portrayed Harriet Tubman.

“It’s interesting to learn about new people and their backstories and where they come from and why they did what they did,” said Jimmy Davis IV who portrayed Malcolm X.

“I think it’s so much fun because we’re representing them through a nice light and I feel like we would make them proud if they were here,” said Kennedy Davis who portrayed Beverly Bond.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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