Stephen King and Owen King Visit Naperville

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North Central College’s Res/Rec Center was packed with horror fans last night, the reason? Stephen King.

The acclaimed author visited Naperville with his son Owen King to promote their new co-written book, “Sleeping Beauties.”

The duo had fun reading parts of their novel to the thousands in attendance. And readers were excited to hear King discuss his work.

“Anything about writing because I’m pursuing creative writing so that’s another thing, anything like that,” said Caroline Egan, a King fan.

“How he comes up with his story lines for sure,” said fan Kaya Goodwin.

“Yeah I’m also an English major and I’m looking into publishing and those kinds of books I’m very interested in publishing. I like fantasies and horror and stuff like that,” said fan McKenna Moran.

“I really hope he talks about what it’s like to write with his son, I wonder if it changes his writing style or anything like that,” said fan Daniel Kimball.

“I want to know if he has any part in making his books into films, that’s going to be really interesting,” said Lisa Stegeman, a King fan.

Others just wanted to see an author they’ve looked up to for years.

“I am a lifelong fan,” said Toni Morgan. “When I was 11 years old I wrote him a letter and he wrote me back! He typed it on a postcard and I still have it.”

“He honestly just takes me out of my everyday monotony,” said fan Raymond Ondrejka. “He helps me relax, it’s my form of entertainment and he’s a great writer, great author, love him!”

Anderson’s Bookshop put on the event, which was the fourth and largest stop on the father/son book tour.

Everyone in the audience also received a copy of “Sleeping Beauties.”

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.