Summer School Discussed at District 203

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The District 203 School Board discussed some changes that will be made to summer school at their most recent meeting.

Summer School Changes Coming

The board voted to approve several changes, such as providing an SAT Prep course for high school students and the integration of social-emotional learning opportunities for K-8 students.

There was also discussion on the goals of summer school, which some on the board felt could be reworded. Currently, one of the goals is to “mitigate the effects of summer learning loss.”

Reworking Goals

“I think this is a very soft goal,” said District 203 Board Member Paul Leong. “I think when we present our educational goals it should always be about learning more and advancing. And if your justification is we just want to ensure that we don’t go backwards, I’m not sure how much value I place in the education you’re offering.”

Leong clarified later in the meeting that he isn’t against summer school, he just thinks the goals for the program need to be reframed.

Board President Kristin Fitzgerald said those goals can be reevaluated with future updates.

The board voted unanimously to approve the changes to the program.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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