Sunset Lifted On Sidewalk Liquor Sales

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Naperville City Council lifted a sunset provision on sidewalk liquor sales.

The policy had been in place since 2017, when council allowed up to five businesses to serve liquor on public sidewalks. Businesses would have to renew the $500 permit annually, with the policy “sunsetting” at the end of March last year.

That date was later pushed back to April 30, 2019.

The Craftsman, Quiubo, and Front Street Cantina obtained the permit, which requires them to enclose the dining area around tables and chairs, while still leaving a six to eight foot path for pedestrians.

With the sunset provision now removed from the license, city officials believe more restaurants will look into sidewalk liquor sales. That includes Sullivan’s Steakhouse, who city documents say considered the permit, but didn’t follow through due to the uncertainty of the sunset provision.

At the Liquor Commission meeting where this topic was discussed, Mayor Steve Chirico said there had only been one complaint concerning the seating area outside the craftsman, but that had been changed and there were no further complaints.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.