Surprise Spoon Art for the Start of School

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An Elmwood Elementary art teacher made going back to school a little more special.

Chris Majack collected over 760 spoons at the end of last school year, which students decorated with images representing themselves, their interests, or their connection to Elmwood.

On their first day back, students got their first look at their original art piece hanging from the ceiling in the hallway of their school.

“It was kind of a labor of love to be able to see where this could go, where the kids could kind of connect to seeing their individuality not only in the spoons, but in the school,” said Majack. “Connecting them to something bigger and something greater. That was kind of the hope, that they would see that together you can create something great that’s meaningful.”

Staff also contributed their own spoons to the piece that were decorated with animals, emojis, and designs. Overall the project took about 40 hours to put together.

The project was based on the book “Spoon,” which tells the story of how different spoons have different functions, teaching kids they may all be different, but have something unique they can excel in.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.