Suspected Tornado Damages Homes, Causes Injuries in Naperville

Suspected Tornado Damages Homes, Causes Injuries in Naperville
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Naperville fire officials say about 15 homes were damaged and at least five people injured after a suspected tornado swept through the Naperville area late Sunday night. Those numbers are likely to change after sunrise when damages can be better assessed.

Cinnamon Creek Damage

Naperville Fire Chief Mark Puknaitis said that some of the worst damage from the overnight storm took place in the Cinnamon Creek neighborhood just south of 75th Street around Ranchview Drive. Puknaitis said five people were transported to the hospital, telling WGN that one was critically injured. He added that there were no instances of anyone being trapped. 20 to 30 people were displaced from the damage.

There was a gas breach in the area, which was contained quickly.

Late Night Storm

Suspected Tornado Damages Homes, Causes Injuries in Naperville Area

Car overturned in Woodridge.

ABC7 Chicago meteorologists reported that the storm picked up steam just after 11 p.m., passing through parts of Naperville, moving into Woodridge and then Darien, and tapering off in Burr Ridge.

Shelter Offered

Puknaitis said Ranch View Elementary School has been designated as a place of shelter for anyone who has been displaced from their home due to storm damage. The Naperville City Emergency Operations Center is also open and available for anyone in need of assistance.

National Weather Service officials are expected to be in the area on Monday to confirm the strength and path of the suspected tornado.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ and Kim Pirc report.

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