Sweet Cases for a good Cause in Naperville

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Children in need in the Naperville area now have 204 reasons to rejoice.

That’s due to Detective Kate Koziol with the Naperville Police Department. In November she called for donations of daily goods like socks, pillowcases and notebooks that would be packed up in bags called “sweet cases” to benefit 86 kids at Our Children’s Homestead.

This week those donations came through, and exceeded expectations. Koziol and her team of volunteers were able to package up 204 “sweet cases” to help children in need.

“We’ve received a great number of donations from the community, the community really pulled together the YMCA and their members as well as the people that work there were great with helping us and donating items, and making blankets and doing a lot to help us out,” explained Detective Koziol.

While Our Children’s Homestead serves kids of all ages ,they lack supplies for those aged 14-21, so Koziol focused her “sweet cases” on filling that void.

This is the first time Koziol has organized a donation drive like this, but she plans to do more in the future.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.