Take a Walking Tour of Naperville’s Backyard Gardens

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Local gardens were on display for the Naperville Garden Walk Tour.

Five backyards in Naperville and surrounding areas welcomed the public for the first time in four years as a fundraising event for the Naperville Garden Club.

Over 200 people came through to get inspired and enjoy the gardens, each with a unique style in plants, decorations, and design.

“You don’t see what the backyards are from the front and you just walk into a different little world, it’s so calming and inspiring like ‘hey, maybe I can do this too!’ that’s what I get out of it. Hopefully there’s a couple of us around that can say ‘yeah that’s a such and such,’ or they have no idea what that is but they can look it up,” said Elaine Bynum, the chairwoman of the Garden Walk Tour.

One garden had miniatures with a train set; another had lush evergreens and conifers; and one garden was blooming with flowers and a koi pond.

Ticket sales from the garden walk went to special scholarships from the Naperville Garden Club.

The Naperville Garden Club gives out several scholarships every year for people who are going into some kind of environmental studies or botany or anything that’s garden related,” added Bynum.

Growing something more out of the beauty of a garden.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.