The 15th Annual Naperville Wine Festival

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Wine connoisseurs and novices alike enjoyed the 15th Annual Naperville Wine Festival at Naper Settlement.

250 wines were uncorked and ready for sampling, from dry and earthy to sweet and refined.

New to this year’s festival was the Connoisseurs Club, a special tent, which included food from Sullivan’s Steakhouse and Granite City.

“So you’ve got that food – small plates and appetizers, as well as a little bit elevated wines for that area because you’re paying a higher ticket price. So it’s a really wonderful private event, it gives you a private feel like a VIP, which is how we want people to feel when they go in there. So we’re really excited to have that as part of the event this year,” said Tom Valdiserri, the Executive President of KemperLesnik, the organizer of this year’s Naperville Wine Festival.

And pairing well with the wine was plenty of food, music, and fun atmosphere with the thousands in attendance.

“The setting and just the low-key, fun atmosphere that’s been created,” said Jean Domyancac, a festival-goer from Naperville.

“Seeing the people all having a good time,” said Cindy Gillette, a festival-goer from Chicago.

For those giving away samples of their wine, it was a chance to talk more in depth about them.

“The energy is absolutely incredible here,” said Heather Remaly, the Chicago-Metro area District Manager for Fetzer Vineyards. “People come and they are looking to have a good time. They’re not just looking to drink – they’re looking to acquire knowledge about the wines that they enjoy and to be able to interact with them and tell them about what makes us special is absolutely the best feeling in the world.”

Partial proceeds from the festival will go to the Naperville Area Humane Society and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

The Naperville Wine Festival is also taking place Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.