The Believe House

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With the flip of a switch, 630 Vicksburg Court lights up town with a special Christmas message.

“So our sign saying ‘believe’ means something different to everybody. But for us it really means believing in the miracle of the season, believing in family, being together, and we hope it brings a little bit of joy to everyone who comes by our house,” explained Deborah Nilles, owner of the home.

Known as The Believe House, it’s become a recognizable home on the Naperville Trolley Tour complete with snowmen, elves, and of course Santas.

“And one year I just said out loud, ‘how does one get on that trolley tour?’ And it was kind of a joke, but then that year Megan didn’t feel well and she was home from school and I was trying to find a way to cheer her up, so we started looking through sales magazines and we bought a huge nutcracker and it just kind of spiraled from there,” said Nilles.

Both store bought and handmade decorations fill the family’s yard, but it’s the house’s namesake that’s a real crowd pleaser.

“The ‘believe’ is a favorite,” said Megan Knoth, Deborah’s daughter. “We’re known as the ‘believe’. I’ll just hear little kids going, ‘It’s The Believe House!’ all the time. So it’s amazing.”

“And it’s amazing to see the little kids outside and when you’re inside sometimes you can hear them and sometimes you just [hear] ‘Santa’s in the window!’ and [they’re] taking pictures and that’s what really makes it for us,” added Kevin Knoth, Deborah’s husband.

While The Believe House has its staple decoration, every year there’s something new. This year in fact, you’ll find seven new pieces including a television made for an elf.

“[And] the believe meter is new. And we had a good turnout on opening night so you can see the believe meter moved up just one notch. But I bet you as the Christmas season goes on, that that meter might go up as people start to feel Christmas more,” said Deborah.

The Believe House also has a website with a full Naperville Christmas map listing over 40 festively decorated homes in our town worth checking out.

You can swing by The Believe House from 4:30 to 10:30 every evening through New Years Eve.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.