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Cress Creek Garden Club

The Cress Creek Garden Club has been hard at work, even during the pandemic.

“Cress Creek Garden Club is a 110 member club. We are at maximum, we are very proud of that. And we do what we can to help our community,” said club president Jane Morrison.

The club focuses on maintaining the gardens at three locations in Naperville.

“Traditionally we have planted three gardens. The pandemic closed down the Paw Paw garden at Naper Settlement. But [we still work on] the garden at Veterans Park and the DuPage Children’s Museum,”said Morrison.

Maintaining Gardens

All of the club’s projects have chairmen who are in charge of the design and work to purchase the various plants they need. The city helps with watering the garden at Veterans Park, but the club comes out to help maintain it even further.

“We do come and maintain the garden as far as the weeds and the deadheading.” said Morrison.

Love for Gardening

“We’re just people who really enjoy gardening and wanted to bring the beauty and the joy to someplace like this that honors our veterans,” said Morrison. “It’s important for people to see these things going on these days.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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