The Dog Spots of Naperville

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Summer has gone to the dogs in Naperville. But while the fake ones decorate the streets, the furry ones get to join you around town.

Puppy Patios

“Naperville is a community that’s full of dog lovers and obviously we are as well. So our owner wanted to make sure that we had this beautiful patio their humans and for their favorite dogs,” said Lydia Slaker, the marketing and events manager at 64 Wine Bar and Kitchen.

And 64 Wine Bar isn’t the only patio for pets. Quigley’s also has space for them to join their companions. And both eateries have puppy bowls to dive into too.

Pet-Friendly Shops

After grabbing a bite or drink, you can shop for your dogs at Two Bostons, or for yourself at any of the over 30 pet-friendly stores.

“So it’s a great way for us to have more of what we love come into our store, which is happy, active families,” said Rachel Wiencek, store manager at Trails and Tides. “So this way they get to come in, they stroll the riverwalk, they see our store, and they can all come in as a group and really have a full family experience.”

Four-Leg Workouts

Places your four-legged friends can exercise are Wag ‘N Paddle, the almost two miles of riverwalk paths, and of course the forest preserves and their dog parks.

Another Spot Soon

Outside of downtown you can soon stop by Lazy Dog – a restaurant and bar on Route 59, with menu items for people and their pups.

You can check the Downtown Naperville website for a full list of where to shop and dine with your dogs.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.