The Easter Bunny Hops By Homes (From a Distance)

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Easter Bunny Hops By

The Easter Bunny is hopping by homes to bring a little joy to kids this Easter weekend. While the bunny “hides” eggs filled with candy in the yard and drops off candy cups on the porch, the youngsters get to watch safely from inside the house. And once the Easter Bunny hops by to the next home, it’s time for them to come out to collect their treats!

“Bunnies are coming to the homes. They’re bringing a dozen eggs to spread into the yard. So they’re hiding eggs and the kids are catching the bunny in the act. So it’s kind of a nice experience being that the kids are stuck in the home and looking for some sense of normalcy.

Easter Joy

So with Easter here we’re trying our best to spread a little joy and also bringing the candy cups with the eggs as well.

They want to hug that bunny so bad but unfortunately with the social distancing we’re doing our best to do our part and be safe and keep us safe and keep them safe as well. They’re excited to see bunny and you can tell they’re like, ‘wow that’s my highlight,'” said Heather Gonderman who handles sales and marketing at Funtime Services, the company who’s organizing these visits.

Happy Easter from all of us at Naperville Community Television!

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.