The Heroes Are Back in Town

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The Husky Heroes are back this weekend for another race around a course at The Morton Arboretum.

Despite the freezing temperatures, crowds gathered around to watch Siberians show off their dog sledding and skijoring skills.

These strong, energetic huskies require daily exercise but it’s their traits of being a pack dog that makes them ideal for families.

“ I think a lot of people have a misconception because they look very outdoorsy. Like a wolf. So they think oh they must be a little agitated or aggressive or something. They’re not. They are the most loving. They are very good family members for children. They love children. They are not a good watchdog because they are too friendly.,” said Nora Tuminaro, a volunteer at Adopt-A-Husky.

Tuminaro has been a volunteer at Adop-A-Husky for almost 20 years.

This nonprofit organization, rescues and cares for huskies that have been abandoned. Giving them a chance to a brighter future.

Last year, over $52,000 were spent on medical bills so it’s events like these that help make a difference in these furry friends.

“In a day like today when we have a bunch of visitors on site they can learn more about their organizations and all that adopt a husky does for the dogs,” said Gina Steele, The Morton Arboretum Special Events Coordinator.

Husky Heroes will make another run tomorrow, as these foster dogs continue looking for a new forever home.

Naperville New’s 17 Antonia Acuna reports.