The Hobson Oak Beer is Here

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Nearly 4,800 cans of Ole Knotty have been filled at Miskatonic Brewing and are ready to roll out to local merchants.

“We love to tell the story of what brewers are doing and all the creative things, especially in a local area like Naperville that’s pretty close to our store as well,” said Ryan Tracy, owner of Beer on the Wall in Park Ridge.

“We’re in Glen Ellyn so we’re not far from Naperville, so I get quite a bit of customers that drive out to our store from Naperville. So I thought it would be a great addition to have in, and it’s a cool story,” said Dave Hawley, owner of Beer Cellar.

In mid-February Hobson Oak wood chips were being infused with hops and beer. Not even a month later, the finished product is now here to make for happy beer drinkers and Hobson Oak enthusiasts.

And a cut of each can sold benefits the Naperville Parks Foundation.

“It’s fun, it’s playful, and it’s community based,” said President of the Naperville Parks Foundation Troy Cooper. “It memorializes the tree. It’s partnerships. It’s raising money for a good cause, so it’s really excellent on a lot of different levels.”

Miskatonic Brewing Company, Hop Butcher For The World, and Solemn Oath Brewery all collaborated on the IPA that has vanilla flavor and Citra hops.

The second Hobson Oak beer is currently aging in whiskey barrels at Solemn Oath Brewery and will be released this fall.

Ole Knotty is now available at Binny’s stores in the Naperville area and at Standard Market. Quantities are limited so be sure to call ahead to stores to check if it’s still in stock.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.