The Making of the Naperville Police’s Lip Sync Video

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Police officers singing and dancing? Sounds like Naperville’s finest have been put up to a certain musical challenge.

It would be a crime if the NPD didn’t take part in the viral lip sync challenge that’s been sweeping through social media. Police across the country have been challenging different departments all summer long to show their lighter sides through their lip sync talents.

“I think it’s more important for the community to see us more in a different light than just seeing us in a police car where they might not ever talk to us or see us in a good moment. Because we usually are responding to things when it’s not such a great moment,” explained Officer Kawnice Jackson.

Princeton’s department put the challenge up to Naperville, and now NCTV17 is lending a hand and some cameras to the production.

Officer Colton Parchem was in sync with the idea of a video and helped choose the songs.

“I couldn’t just stick to one song,” said Parchem. “I really like ‘Despacito’ that’s one of my good songs that I like so that’s how the opening was chosen. And then I just wanted it to flow into some stuff, have humor, and just show that we can do everything.”

Naperville’s video is set to include different divisions of the police department from Investigations to Dispatch, and will get the community involved too.

Stay tuned to NCTV17 in the coming week when we will be publishing the completed Naperville Police Department’s lip sync video online.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.