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The Teen Table

“The Teen Table” is the ALIVE Center’s latest initiative getting students to express themselves through a new medium.

“I was really looking to just do more outside of school that really invests in myself and my own personal interests. And Kishor happens to know the founder of the ALIVE group and found out through that that they were making a new podcast studio,” explained Metea Valley junior Andrew Bradshaw.

“The fact that ALIVE had this opening and wanted us to be a part and kind of starting the whole podcast it really opened the opportunity for us,” added Metea Junior Kishor Moorthy. “Because we had the idea but we needed the space, we needed the technology and to get that all on our own in some external way that would have been very difficult.”

Making a Studio

With a helping hand from a Best Buy grant, ALIVE is building a podcast studio to allow teens like Andrew and Kishor to get behind the microphone and talk about their interests.

While their series won’t launch until early October, “The Teen Table” has another that’s already online.


It all ties into ALIVE’s #IAmEnough social media campaign that kicked off this summer. It features online messages, along with the podcast, to promote teen self worth.

“With this being teen-led and teen-driven we really want this campaign to be relatable to teenagers and to show that, there are other people here at the ALIVE Center that can help them with, figuring out who they are and discovering that they are enough and that they’re worthy of loving themselves,” said an #IAmEnough podcast host.

More For ALIVE

They’ve liked it so much, that now the nonprofit is encouraging more students to bring other ideas for series.

“So basically what I see the future of this podcast being is being able to expand into many topics and eventually monetizing the podcast so it brings in more money for the ALIVE Center itself,” said Ishan Sadhukhan, the lead of the ALIVE Media Group.


The message of #IAmEnough will carry on through the ALIVE Center’s Walk4Life event that takes place on September 29.

Expanding the way teens can lead with their voices.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.