The Warrior’s Edge Students Save the Senseis

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A group of martial arts students banding together to help save their senseis? Sounds like the plot to an action movie, right?

In this case, it’s not a work of fiction.

Students Save the Warrior’s Edge

The students of Naperville’s The Warrior’s Edge came together in April to raise money for the business’s owners. Collecting just shy of $3,000 for owners Michael and Michelle Eichenberg, the students surprised their instructors with a parade of cars before presenting them with a giant check.

The Eichenbergs have been running the self-defense martial arts school for 15 years, but have been forced to close its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outpour of support was much needed in a dire time for the business, said Michael Eichenberg in an email to NCTV17.

The Impact of the Donation

“Some of our adult students put together a surprise fundraiser to raise money to help keep our school in business. My wife and I were shocked to find this out! The love shown to us and the school was worth even more than the money they raised.”

Michael says the donation will help in their mission to reopen, once it is allowed by the state to do so.

“We are truly blessed to have such caring and loving students who feel that our school is an important part of their lives,” Michael wrote. “We hope to continue making a difference in Naperville once this pandemic is all over.”

Kevin Jackman reports for Naperville News 17