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Feed the Need

Over 5,000 volunteers spent their weekend packing meals at the Feed My Starving Children Feed the Need MobilePack event.

“They’re a scientifically formulated meal that helps undernourished and malnourished and starving children to gain strength and to really just have the ability to grow,” said Feed the Need Chairman Matt Hebel.

Feed the Need Illinois is an informal group of Naperville area churches, congregations, and civic organizations that work together to put on this event, also hosted by North Central College.

The Goal

This year’s goal was to pack one million meals in 36 hours, which will feed over 2,700 children in countries like Haiti. Thanks to this event, they will have one nutritious meal a day for one year.

Volunteers of all ages were hard at work during the six different shifts over the weekend. Those who spent two hours just this morning were able to give back by packing 91,584 meals.

Power of Teamwork

“I wanted to come because I wanted to help pack food for other people,” said volunteer Shanayea.

“I wanted to come because I wanted to save lives,” said volunteer Robert.

“Not only do I want to show them what it means to serve other people, but it’s also a really easy way for them to start to learn that helping other people doesn’t have to be complicated,” said volunteer Ryan Schaible. “It can be as easy as taking a couple of hours on a Sunday morning to pack food and it doesn’t have to be this big idea. They can have a lot of fun while they do it too.”

“You don’t really feel like it’s community service that’s a drag, it’s a fun thing. Everybody is enjoying themselves here,” said volunteer Tyler.

Working together to turn hunger into hope.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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