Top Tips for Healthy Eating in 2017

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From fitness to food, changing your eating habits could bring a healthier you into the New Year.

Many of us make the goal to eat healthier as a new year begins. More fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins are all key to a better diet.

“Think about the immediate benefits,” said Christine Palumbo, a registered dietitian nutritionist. “Think about how good you feel when you take care of your body and compare your body and how you feed it to how you take care of your car. You wouldn’t put junk in your car.”

If you’re more focused on weight loss, Palumbo says cutting calories is key.

Try planning your meals and cooking more often at home so you can control the ingredients and portion sizes. Also, consider your sleep schedule.

“Most of us need a little extra sleep when it’s so dark out. So rather than fighting it, give in to that urge to sleep, make sure you turn off all your devices a half hour to an hour before you hit the hay,” Palumbo said.

One last tip, keep your diet from feeling dull, by trying a new fruit or vegetable every shopping trip.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.