Travel Tips for Spring and Summer

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If you’re looking to get away this spring break, time is of the essence as costs are on the rise.

“There are some options still available, we typically recommend any of the places you can drive, or within the United States. The biggest problem is airfare everywhere. There’s plenty of hotel rooms in most destinations but limited air seats, and that’s what is raising the costs,” said Travel Consultant with Wehrli Travel, Kristen Jednachowski.

If you don’t want to drive far, you can do a quick getaway to Downtown Chicago. But there are many options if you’re willing to drive a little longer.

“There’s always the Dells which is popular, and there’s even some great ones, if you can go to Columbus, which is about six hours. You’ve got the Columbus Zoo, a nice downtown area, same with Nashville,” said Jednachowski.

But if you’re set on going far, you might get a deal on flights by changing your original travel schedule.

“Always if possible, be flexible in your dates. Sometimes just moving a date earlier or later can make a big difference,” said Jednachowski.

Looking to the summer, the time to book is now.

“The earlier you book the better you get for space, you can have more of a choice for flight times, dates of travel and a lower price,” said Jednachowski.

Some current travel trends include river cruises and European excursions.

“Iceland, Iceland, Iceland, yes that is the new hotspot. We also have a huge trend with all of the I’s we call. Ireland, Italy and Iceland have been big,” said Jednachowski.

And if you’re really looking to save, consider visiting a tourist destination during the off-season.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.