“TrolleyOke” Sends Off Retiring Special Ed PE Teacher

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Part of the Plan

Pat Adamatis didn’t expect her journey as a physical education teacher to take her on a trolley surrounded by singing kids.

“There was a plan for me,” she said. “I didn’t see it at the time [and] I was frustrated. The plan was to fall into Adapted PE.”

A Role Model

And 35 years after nabbing a job as an Adapted PE teacher at Naperville Central, she’s become the heart of the program.

“What’s great about her is she just pushes inclusivity and just having fun above everything at all times. It’s just really great to have a role model that’s all about positivity and including everyone and loving everyone,” said Maddy Engles, a peer mentor for Adapted PE.

“And even for people who aren’t in adapted, I’d say know Mrs. A or at least know what she does,” said peer mentor Amanda Deneve. “Mrs. A is probably one of the most incredible people that Naperville Central has had in their staff.”

F.U.N. Club

She even started F.U.N. Club – Friends Uniting at Naperville Central.

It gets graduates in District 203’s Connections program to socialize with current special needs students.

“It’s basically a place where you can come and be yourself no matter what disability or restraints that you have against yourself. You can come and be who you are and be accepted by everyone, you know,” explained Khirinaja Allen, a junior in Adapted PE.


One way they do that is through Mrs. A’s “TrolleyOke.”

It’s another activity she funds all on her own to get students to socialize in unique ways.

Reflecting on Retirement

Even as Mrs. A dances into retirement, she still plans to stay involved with the kids she’s grown to love.

“I’m going to miss it but I’ll still be out there somewhere,” she added.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.