Trombone Tribute for Retiring Teacher

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Hill Middle School students played a musical tribute for their biggest fan.

Math teacher Judy Ronaldson is known for attending nearly every single one of the school’s band concerts.

Now she’s set to retire, and recently attended her last concert as a teacher.

“It was a real treat to come up here and sit up here and relax and enjoy the music. Every day is different, which is a good thing as a teacher, some are pretty nasty and you can have some tough days,” said Judy. “But it’s always pleasant being up here listening to the concerts.”

Judy, who’s played trombone since 4th grade, loves marches. So in order to make her last concert a special one, the kids played an extra number for her: “Lassus Trombone.”

“They knew they were doing something special for someone else, not for themselves, not for their mom and dad, but for somebody they really care about and respect,” said Megan LoPresto, Band Director at Hill Middle School.

Judy has worked at Hill Middle School since it opened in 1981, and is retiring after having spent 37 years teaching in District 204.


Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.