Two Arrested For Metea Threats

Two Arrested Metea
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Two students have been arrested for making written threats against Metea Valley High School in school bathrooms.

First Threat Created Copycats:

Aurora police said the first threat was found Monday, with two “copycat threats” following on Wednesday and Thursday. All were found written on bathroom walls.

Arrests Made:

A Metea Valley student was arrested on Tuesday and charged with disorderly conduct in connection with the initial incident. Today another student was arrested for the most recent incident.

No Credible Threat:

Since the first threat on Monday, officials say a large amount of false information has been widely circulated on social media by both parents and students. Aurora police stress that there is no credible threat to the Metea Valley community.

Many parents kept their high schoolers home today due to concerns.

Contact Police Directly With Concerns:

Police ask that if any suspicious or concerning posts are seen, to report them directly to school administration or the Aurora Police Department. They request that the public does not share them on social media.